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Linda V. Taylor has "The Quilting School".

It is a compilation of teching videos from various teachers.

Some are free others you can only access via the paid subscription.

She no longer films her TV show for a commerical station (her old seasons are on the site), so her husband and son-in-law film in her home studio -- she has big named guests (i.e. Kim Brummer is this month's guest).

She also has her own instruciton videos for beginnners, etc.

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Also, long arm university has online classes. I've never tried them though. has some great shows including Linda Taylor that you need to subscribe to see. Around 25$ per year and there are several shows that are just long arm. I've learned alot from watching them. Even though I've only been long arming for a year and only for myself I think even an experienced quilter could learn a bit.


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I am most familiar with Cindy Roth's Longarm University which I think is quite good. If you go to her website, she gives pretty clear descriptions of what you get for your money, and the quality is good. I know a while back some of the European quilters on the forum mentioned taking an online longarm class through an organization that I can't remember the name of ... maybe quilters resource? Not sure, but hopefully they will see this post.

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Guest Linda S

Actually, there's also a site called You can learn all sorts of things there, from playing with paint, piecing techniques, how to use Electric Quilt Software, etc. I've taken two classes there and they were both very good.

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