time for another block swap??

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Originally posted by sandradarlington

How many blocks would we need to make? My plate is pretty full just now, but if there aren't too many blocks I may be able to squeeze this in. Give me a few details so I can decide if this is possible for me just now.

Originally posted by doodlebug

it finishes at 12.5 inches and (30) blocks would give a top of 62.5 by 73.5 without borders....i wanted a block that would look like a scrappy 30s quilt and wouldn't require any additional setting- just sew together and border.

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i made a test block to check my math, i just finished figuring the yardage:

for one (30) block set: (you can make more than one set. each set must be made with completely different fabrics)

--Kona Cotton White (yes, it has to be kona cotton white:)): 2 1/2 yards. if you tend to miss cut, you might want to get three yards

--you'll need four fabrics for the corners: 1 yard each and that leaves some 'oopsie' room

--you'll need a yard for the '+' in the middle, and that is generous as well

colors for the 30s repros: pink/red/orange/yellow/blue/green/purple NO BROWN NO BLACK aim for high contrast throughout the block's' fabrics...

quicky explanation: you make (30) blocks that are exactly the same, mail them to me by the deadline (which i haven't set, but will be in march) then i swap them and you get back (30) blocks that are all different/ scrappy. it a good way to make a scrappy looking quilt without having to have all the scraps.

we will not be signing the blocks, but attaching a slip of paper with name and location.

i'll include all this plus more in the printable pdf download when i get that written...probably this weekend....i'll post it in a different thread.

clear as mud? :)

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