Studio Challenge...No Quilting Required

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Here's one view of my modest "Lenni Room". It is only 12 x 12 and I share one wall with my DH for his computer/desk and inkjet printer, but that's ok because it allowed me to be able to get my dear Lenni :D. A 10 foot table is all that I could manage, but it works for me and I'm happy with it. :) I had to take one of the closet doors off completely when we upgraded to Bliss last spring because the legs on the table are way to the outside of the frame so there wasn't enough room for it. The closet is on the left end of my frame. With the door open on the closet, I have 2 feet around the end.


100_1991.jpg by fluffy_mar, on Flickr

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can I play too? I wanna see what you all have! I'm about at the same stage as Dory. My studio is in progress.... converting a portion of our 2 car garage. DH suggested that I take the front part for my space :D so I would get lots of natural light. We're replacing the overhead doors with windows.... oh boy, I love those windows! ....exciting day for me when the first one went in. DH said we should leave the doors on as they would make great blinds! :o (now for the picture, if I can remember how to post one)


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I'm so excited! I just got my Dee lites in today, and just finished installing them. Yes, I did it all by myself! They are awesome! I can actually see now. Just wish I had had them when I was working on the Christmas gifts with black thread on black fabric:o





The whole "studio" is in an 11 x 14 room, and my poor son-in-law spent hours, over the Christmas holidays, helping me re-arrange it so that I could actually use the whole length of the long-arm. Previously, one end of it was in the small area where the cutting table is now, and I had to lean over to quilt anything on it. Not fun. Now I can walk the entire length of it, and walk around it! We put it kind of catty corner across the room. It works:)

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Originally posted by MtnBarb

Originally posted by BunkHouseQuilts

Next to my design wall, this is probably my favorite part of the studio. My power cord arrangement my hubby fixed for me:


I love your power cord set up. I'm showing it to my husband today!! :P

Yay! Just so you know, that little thingy that travels on the wire is available at any truck stop. It's the retractable item that truckers use for their CB radio mics. It makes the power cord completely free with no drag at any place on my 14 ft. table. The other supports farther back are long springs. Hard to see in the photo.

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Originally posted by sbcquilts

Ardelle, your batting rack, is it a commercial kitchen shelving? Also, how are the batts suspended in between the shelves?? Thanks.

The shelving was given to me by a friend, I believe he got them from an industrial supplier. There was a post some time ago, don't remember who, that we copied. Velcro is used to suspend the batting.

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My Studio (HA) is 11 x 12 I have a 9' table LA table w/my darling LA; a sewing cabinet; book case, folding cutting table and ironing board.

I do have room to walk and sew - I do have to assembly line the cutting and Ironing - get a lot done this way.

My dream studio will be built when I retire in 7 years. Until this will do. "Millie hold on I'm coming to get you.":cool:;):P

This Picture 1 of 3

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I am loving all the pictures and ideas I'm seeing almost as much as I'm loving hearing the pounding of hammers outside.:P:D Enticing the guys with pizza if they'll work late since I know they're going to be watching playoff games over the weekend.

Today is electrical; Monday should be insulation and sheet rock. That's the home stretch!!!!!

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