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"Baby it's cold outside"!

Guest LA

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Yesterday I had the air conditioner on and my grandbaby wore a sleeveless shirt and shorts. Today I turned the heat on and wore my winter coat and gloves when I went to the store.

If you don't like the weather in Oklahoma just wait five minutes.

Linda in Ramona--I grew up in Southern California. I'll take the frozen white stuff here (and I hate snow) rather than have to breathe the thick yellow/brown stuff called air that goes along with those Southern California beaches. ;)

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What a huge laugh I've gotten first thing this morning!!

You are just too funny Linda A and Linda B.

Thanks for the big smile........

Here in Concord, CA it's a meer 33 this morning 12-1-06...it is 29 in Napa...

Originally posted by (name removed)

Alrighty my friend Linda B. you are so cute & funny!

We really should be quilting, but thought I would share these pictures of what happened at our place last night, on the hood of a FORD no less!:P:D;)

With a little help from Thomas we had a strategy, carefully lining these up, lord the kid is going to have my personality some day!:P

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Hey, Linda... I love your new ride!! It fits your OSU colors perfectly. One hot mama, like yourself, behind the wheel of that thing, I'll bet you turn some heads going down the roads in Corvallis. :cool:

Honestly, I don't think you'd ever have a problem getting out of the driveway in that H2.... And, I'd venture to bet that you could climb to the top of Mt. Hood in that rig --- no problemo!

OK, I am very curious.... have you decided on specialized license plates for your new H2?

Hope you're doing well. (((HUGS)))


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Hey Shana!

I am so happy to hear from you!!!

I hope you on the mend soon & healing well. No more contracting work for you my lady!;)

Actually this is an H3X new in 2007 generation, it comes fully loaded from the factory, & I am having the time of my life in this new rig! :cool:

The OSU tailgate parties are too fun, had the players come & check it out & give me the high fives! Pictures on that later!;)

As far as the new custom plates, it has the OSU "Benny Beaver" logo, and~~~~

**Go APQS!** :P

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