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My ( blank ) aholic is:


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Originally posted by RitaR

Shana, did the big Anchorage storm get up your way? I believe we'd have heard about it, if it had.

Hi Rita,

There surely is some odd weather going on in the US isn't there???

Towns and cities along the coastline (e.g. Valdez, Cordova, Anchorage...etc...) are getting a lot of snow.

Where I live (interior) we certainly have not gotten hammered with snowfall but I will say that we have gotten more than we normally do. All is well where I am. :) Thanks for asking!

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My husband says "no more... I can barely play one at a time". But this is coming from a man who has a "harem" of surfboards (17+ but whose counting), and when I tell him he "can only surf one at a time", he says that is not the same thing... LOL... passionate, joyful addictions... what can I say!


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Oh, uhhh... can I add patterns too. Didn't realize I had so many untill I started organizing and hanging them on what use to be my quilt wall.

Still counting and looking for scissors.. lol, found a bunch yesterday.

And Patterns and realized one daughter had put a stack of fabric behind the ones on the front of the shelf, some time ago. That wasn't to happen.. am finding more and more double stacks... I think himself and I will have a time of taking the back ones out of their hidey hole, and try to figure them out, color ways.

So finding I collect far too much and need to start getting real. hmmmm that means start making patterns using my scissors and fabric stash. That should about hit all the aholics I have. Right??

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