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Can anyone tell me the reason for using needle sizes other than the 4.0 that came with my Millie?

I purchased a 4.5 pack with the machine and wondered if it is similar to DSM needles where you choose a heavier needle for heavier fabrics such as a minty backing etc? am I on the right train or completely off course with this thinking? can anyone give me examples of when I should change the needle size please?

thanks in advance xxx

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Per Linday Taylors Books:

MR 2.5 = Silks, satins, special delicate fabrics, antique quilts

MR. 3.0 = antique quilts, cotton quilts with cotton batting

MR 3.5 = msot cotton quitls with cotton batting, some speciality threa

MR. 4.0 = Specialtiy threads, some metalic thread, heavier thread or fabric

Mr. 5.0 = denim, uphosetry fabric, comforters (thick batting), speciality thread

Per Superior Thread

3.0 MR = Bottom line, monopoly

3.5 MR = So Fine

4.0 MR = King Tut, Rainbow

4.5 MR = King Tut, Lava, Metallic, Rainbow

5.0 MR = Lava

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I often quilt densely with 100 weight silk thread. If I used a 4.0 needle, the thread would get lost in that big hole. Not pretty. I use a 75/11 for the fine thread. APQS says that if you vary the needle size more than one or two sizes, you may have to re-time your machine. Knock wood...I've not had to do that. Nancy in Tucson

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