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bobbin case stuck in machine - free at last!

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Bobbin thread broke. Pulled out case, removed bobbin, thread was tight. Tugged thread loose and it was spinning nicely. Placed bobbin in case and pushed case (notch side up top) back into machine, but it didn't click and felt different. Tried to remove and it won't budge. How do I get the darn thing out without damaging anything? Then what do I look for?

Thanks. Paula

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Hi Paula,

Sounds like a bit more thread is stuck in there, remove the throat plate and the needle, saturate the bobbin area with WD 40 from every angle and gently rotate back and forth by hand.

Very likely the jam up will resolve itself but be careful not to drop the bobbin case while everything is so slippery, they will bend and then they get out of shape and it's a real pita.

Don't panic, these machines are tough.

Good luck.


Blue Rose Quilting

'07 Milly hand-guided

APQS rep West Australia

Quilts made with love don't have Made in China on the label...

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Thank you all. When I got home from work today I eagerly read all your suggestions. I tried rotating the hook, spraying with WD40, gentle tugging, running with a bare needle, pulling more thread out, using a soft brush to clean. Then my dear husband grabbed the pliers, gave the tab a gentle twist and - voila! - it came right out like a loose tooth! Case looks okay, but bobbin had a rough ding. However, I have an extra bobbin case, put thread on another bobbin and finished the quilt! Of course, by doing all the things y'all suggested, I loosened it up for hubby! But - shush - don't let him know.

Thanks again.



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