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Leader Grips

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I have attempted to sew a casing on my leaders, three times now and can't get it right....what's the secret to getting them straight? I have used the side clamps to hold them taut, I have used my channel locks to keep the machine going straight across, and yet, it doesn't happen...I am at my wits end! Would it be unheard of to just pin this casings instead of making myself crazy trying to sew them once again?

Jackie Dundon

I have been truly BLISSED!

Proud owner of a 2011 Blissed Lenni/Penni and Quiltazoid~!

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Go to - Renea Haddin has an excellent video of making a casing on the leaders for her Red Snappers.

Barb Iliff

Freedom SR

Winding Ways Quilting

"When your life falls to pieces make a quilt!!"

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Jackie, I pinned the casing in and then pinned the quilt top leader to the take up leader to hold everything in place, then I stitched the quilt leader seam and then did the take up leader seam. Repeat for the backing leader.

I also used the side clamps and channel locks. Hope this helps.

Patty Butcher
Katydids Quilting Studio ~ APQS FL Store
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Brooksville, FL (Central FL)
352-397-4959, 850-502-0272 Cell
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Great minds thInk alike. I too sewed them to my zippers. Also have two sets of zippers which still has a quilt on it. So thus way I can rehook and not stress.

Bonnie Botts

APQS Sales Rep - Certified Service Technician

APQS Millennium 2006---MJ

APQS Millennium 2004---Lucy

405-533-1025 home

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"Absolute rules are about as useless in making quilts as they are in raising children" Carter Houck---1992

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