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Circlelord 2012 Challenge Quilt Show


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Let's do it again as we did in 2010

View Entries at 2012 Show Blog . You can use the Labels to look at individual template quilts.

Circlelord Index and Pricelist

New Rule 2/14/12

Each accepted entry will earn $3.00 credit towards purchase after Challenge ends.

Rules for the Circle Lord 2012 Quilt Show and Challenge


1. Quilt photos must have visible Circle Lord patterns.

If you send a picture of a complete quilt that does not show detail,

you have to send a picture, or pictures, that show detail, as well. It does not have to be all Circlellord.


or EMAIL TO Clchallenge@gmail.com

2. You can post as many quilts as you want, and as many pictures of the quilts as you want.

3. Send details: Does not have to be in the form of a list.



Pattern and designer


CL Templates used

4. Show will be begin February 1, 2012 and end May 15, 2010.

5. Photos can be posted to APQS Forum posting to be started February 1, 2012.

These photos and information will be downloaded and re-posted to the Circle Lord Show Blog - to be set up.

Or, you can email to loricles@loriclesquilting.com for posting to the blog.

6. You do not have to sign on to the APQS forum to enter the show.

You can still view the forum posting with out signing on.

If you register with the APQS forum you will be able to post and comment.

You do not have to have an APQS machine to register with the APQS forum.

7. You do not have to own the Circle Lord.

8. From May 16 to May 31, Viewers can vote for their the Viewer's choices.

9. Prizes are in the form of Credits for Circle Lord products.

9. Categories are: Quilt can be entered in only one category.

Prize amounts are dependent on number of quilts entered. Minimum number of entries for full prize amount is 300 total entries.

Prize amount will be reduced by 20% for less than 300, 40% for less than 200, 60% for less than 100.

For 99 or less, reduction will remain 60%.

Prizes are paid in Circlelord credit against Circlelord product.

1. Quilts using Design templates

-----1st prize $1000.00

-----2nd $600.00

-----3rd $400.00

-----4th $200.00

2. Quilts using Giant Templates

-----1st prize $ 600.00

-----2nd $400.00

-----3rd $200.00

-----4th $100.00

3. Quilts using combination of both.

-----1st prize $1000.00

-----2nd $600.00

-----3rd $400.00

-----4th $200.00

4. Overall Viewers Choice $1000.00

10. Show blog quilts will be numbered and coded by category for voting.

11. Voter's email address can vote only once for each quilt catagory.

12. Michael and Kay will moderate

13. Details and rules will be added and changed as required because I can't think of everything.


Additions and news will be posted here and on the APQS forum post.

Circlelord Index and Pricelist

Quilt On!

Michael & Kay

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How fun, Michael, another challenge! There were so many beautiful quilts entered last time and they provided inspiration and innovation on how to use the templates.

Is there a limitation as to when the quilts were made? For example, 2011 through the end of the challenge? Excluding quilts in the previous challenge?

I'm excited to see what everyone will do so lets all get quilting with our Circle Lord toys!

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Circlelord templates are VERSATILE and can be used on any creative project!

Quilter: Hawaii Barbara

Piecer: Hawaii Barbara

Pattern and designer: Vanilla House "Pot Pincher

Size Approximately 6 inches x 12 "

CL Templates used Mini-Clamshells


The quilt in the backround was done pre 2011, just a cheater cloth with CL Basic unit and the 7 Treasures of Buddha.

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