update on Taylor..wednesday morning

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It has been 7 weeks since we first took Taylor to the ER. Her blood work is improving overall, however, some numbers are not where the docs want them. She is still on iv antibiotics and anticoagulants. We hope they take her off the antibiotic this week. That is the plan at least (8 weeks).

They will do an MRI/MRV with contrast (Monday night) and take a closer look at the veins and whether the clotting is growing or changing. They are also looking to see if there is any flow in the veins or if new veins are growing . These images will determine what happens next from what I understand. Hemetology wants to run more tests for blood disorders some time in the future when she comes off the antibiotic. They aren't so convinced that there isn't something more going on. I sure hope there isn't .

Taylor has been such a trooper. She is so positive and doesn't complain about much. One stitch holding the PICC line in place bothers her a bit...and she winces when we change the dressing, but that is all she ever mentions. (they must have hit a nerve?) The IV Team is going to evaluate her PICC line Monday and decide if it can stay in longer. They are hoping so since she will be having more blood draws and most likely more MRIs. They said they don't want to pull it if it is in good condition.

She is taking classes online through the district's alternative school. So far, she is doing well in her three core classes. She misses being in school...but understands that this is best for now. The school is giving her until the end of summer to use the online classes to keep up and hopefully even get ahead during this time.

I have gone from not only Mom, but to teacher and nurse too. Boy am I tired with not only her, but Sven's diabetes has been slightly out of whack as well. He goes to Salt Lake with us this week for his appointment. I can't wait until things settle down.

I will update again when we know more after Tuesday. Thanks for the continued prayers.

Wednesday morning....here is what we know. We had to stay over one more night...because her picc line is getting pulled out this morning. She is done with iv antibiotics. We found out she is allergic to the mri contrast solution..so a ct scan with contrast was ordered yesterday afternoon so the infectious disease doctor could feel confident that there was no residual infection looming near he brain. radiology felt things looked great. They checked her veins. No additional clotting. In fact, her transverse vein system has slight flow. Sigmoid vein and jugular vein have zero flow still. She will remain on anticoagulants at least another 4 months, being reevaluated in 2 months. At this time, no additional images are expected to be taken. Also, no additional blood tests are to be taken. Hemetology does not believe there are any blood disorders either.

She will meet with iv team this morning to pull the picc line. Wound care will address the issues with her skin under the picc dressing. She developed a bad case of contact dermatitis...but no infection from it. The insertion site looks great.

I got emotional as I heard the words, "we are done with treatment." I hoped to hear that the clotting was resolving...but instead have to accept that it will remain. It is stable...and is becoming somewhat fibrous in nature. We are thankful however. Taylor is headache free, feels great, looks fabulous, and will continue to heal. Hopefully, by next august, will be ready to jump back in to soccer. She was bummed out by not being released for track season. Anticoagulants won't allow that.

She will continue to stay home and take computer classes...maybe adding one class at the school to get her back in the groove. She still gets very tired in the day, but the docs want her to push herself and get back to a normal routine.

These past 2 months have changed all our lives. It is time to get back to normalcy for all of us. Thanks for the prayers. We got our taylor back. God is so good.

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