November Birthday Block Exchange

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-Everyone is invited to participate!

-Please commit to this exchange in good faith. We trust and honor you! In exchange please do so in return and follow through with your commitment to make blocks!

-This exchange is Even Steven. You will receive as many blocks as you send.


-Find your Birthday month thread (example: if your birthday in in June, list under the June Birthday Block Exchange post)

- Post your Birthdate

- Color(s) if you have a preference

-Block size if you have a preference

-Block pattern will be the choice of the maker

-Fabric If you have a preference (batik, silk, rayon, 100% cotton etc)

-If you want the block signed, dated etc.

-How you would like to receive. You may not want to post your address. Post: "email me for my address" or something like that.

-Additionally email your info. to Vicki at: for the private master list. She will add you and email you a copy.

-When you have received enough blocks please post on this forum under your birthday month and let Vicki know so she can update the master list.

-Quilt should be finished before your next birthday.

-Photo of finished quilt should be posted here for us to all enjoy!

-Receivers of blocks must reciprocate


-Please use quality fabric

-Fabric must be pre-washed

-Send blocks anytime before receivers birth date.

-If desired, include index card with your info. for your returned block.

Cheryl Uribe

Livermore, California ~45 miles east of San Francisco

APQS Representative/Educator

Since 2004

Sales, Demonstrations & Education

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This is exciting!! I've wanted to do something like this for so long but never took the time to check it out. Thanks Cheryl & Judy!

November 15 (not telling the year)

Greens, lavenders, purples, white background

12 & 1/2 unfinished block

Any pattern

Cotton and/or batiks

UnSigned but would like a note to know who made it.

Send to:

Jeanne Rumans

808 NE 100th Terrace

Kansas City, MO 64155


There's no problem that can't be solved with a suitable amount of chocolate.

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Purple, purple, purple, ok, some pink is fine too.

Nov 10 (I'm only 29, so you do the math) LOL!

8.5 is fine, but I don't really care

This is too much fun!

Signed would be wonderful.

Thanks in advance!

Pam Nagle, C/O Pacific Direct, PO Box 2110, Poulsbo WA 98370

Auntie Pami

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:cool: Nov 5, ????, a proper lady will never give the year, LOL??

Yellow and Navy Blue are my colors, cotton or silk fabrics are what I like to use. Don't care about block size or pattern used. Sounds like fun, can't wait but please set some definite guidelines, at the moment I not sure if I should do every birthday month which I think would become a job or just November . . . ? ? ?

Marilynn Gipson

477 Jefferson Avenue

Brooklyn, New York 11221

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I to am still confused as to how exactly this is to work but am so looking forward to it. I know there will be bugs to be worked out with an endeavor this large.

November 20.

Jewel tones or fall colors.

Size doesn't matter (for the quilt block).

Signed of course.

Looking forward to this.


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Welcome to the BD Blocks November Nymphs! All the information above this mark has been entered. I'll send copies of what I have as of this hour. An updated Excel spreadsheet will be sent in a couple of weeks as I will be out of country from 10th to 19th. Thanks for your help.

Alyn - please provide your email and mailing address for the records by contacting me directly using the email button here. Thank you.


Vicki Bohnhoff

Dancing Stitcher, Anthem, AZ


Millennium w/10\' table, Viking Designer SE

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November Birthday Block exchange

I would love to exchange blocks with other Scorpio's....I am partial to reds right now and love batiks and other contemporary fabrics. I prefer to work with 12 1/2 inch blocks.

Please don't sign the front but be sure to let me know your name, where you hail from and the name of the block - so that I can put it on a label on the back.

I'm looking forward to sending you blocks.

Carlotta Jarratt

300 Crest Lane

Bellingham, WA 98229

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I am considering joining, but I am hesitating because I am still not clear on the directions. My birthday is November 13 (1949 - but who's counting?). Would I make blocks for only other November birthdays, or for everyone on the list? I am concerned I will get in over my head with the time to sew lots of blocks. How many blocks do you think I would need to make? Sorry for so many questions, but can someone provide more details for me? Thanks

Sandra Darlington

Darlington Quilts

2005 APQS Liberty, Circle Lord Enhanced or

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I am interested in joining too. This sounds like alot of Fun. I have been reading these postings for a while (NEARLY SIX MONTHS)and have decided to jump right in. I recently ordered A liberty and it is being delivered tomorrow. So I am feeling a bit brave. I would appreciate a few more instructions but am looking forward to this.

Birthdate is November 19.

Lets go with Yellows Greens and Blues.

9 inch blocks

Love those Batiks.

Signed please

Lorraine Caravetta

30 Wisconsin Avenue Congers, NY 10920

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Fun, fun, fun!

Besides my Dear Jane quilt, this will be my 2nd quilt for ME this coming year.

November 6, 1958...I'm not SCARED! New grandma and proud of it!

I would like any color Aunt Grace type fabrics with white on white background and 12" (finished). Yes, please sign name and town/state.

Let's go Scorpio!:P


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Hi Vicki,

You had previously mentioned sending out the list for the block exchange.

Have you had the opportunity to do this yet? If so, I have not received it.

If you need other information to get it to me, please let me know.



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