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Classes in Omaha, March 14-17,

Myrna Ficken

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Break up the winter blahs...

Myrna Ficken


435-229-2703; Mobil

301-490-3787; Landline


March 14-17, 2012


Julie McClannan

1511 Sunshine Blvd. Bellevue, Ne 68123


For directions

Classes are drawing/demo, $75.00 per class

March 14, ~ 9-12, ~ Fill Er Up ~ 3 hours

Always looking for background fillers? Myrna will teach you up 20 designs that can be done in micro, mini or as an E2E. See how easy it is to transition in and out of areas. A fun fast paced class. Beginner to intermediate, pencil and sketchbook are needed, beginner.

March 14, ~ 1-4, ~ Just Do It ~ 3 hours

This is a beginner to intermediate level class in which you will learn some fun techniques. Learn to quilt beautiful leaves, flowers, and all kinds of jazzy, funky, cool freehand designs that can be used on any quilt, blocks and E2E. Fast and easy edge-to-edge designs to some thinking “outside of the box.”

March 15, ~ 9-12, ~ Hot Curves Ahead!! ~ 3 hours

Wanting to learn how to do beautiful curved crosshatching. Designs for your borders and blocks as well as background fills. Myrna will be using Myrna’s Pinched Squares and Ronda’s Rulers and Deloa's Boomerangs available at aquilterschoice.com or will have in class. Pencil, paper and rulers.

March 15, ~ 1-4, ~ Fowlproof Feathers for Borders and More ~ 3 hours

This is an intermediate level class, but confident beginners should accept this class as a bit of a challenge. So many Feathers—so little time! Whether yours are long and narrow, short and wide, spiky, curvy, fluffy or flat—everybody loves feathers and everybody has their own style! Discover your style. We’re going to get started with the most simple feather designs and jazz them up until they sizzle! Myrna will show you techniques for working around your borders.

It’s all designed to make those feather designs blaze on your quilts.

March 16, ~ 9-12, ~ Just Do It Borders and Sashings – 3 hours

Fast, easy and beautiful. Creative border and sashing designs, mostly free hand. Some marking with stencils or templates will be discussed and demoed, no feathers here. Learn how to fit the design into the space. We’re going to spend some time on stitching in the ditch alternatives. Bring paper and pencil

March 16, ~ 1-4, ~ Need Ideas, How Do I Quilt This? 3 hours

Has this ever crossed your mind? What am I going to do on this quilt? Bring your tops that have you stumped and at a loss. I'll share my ideas for quilting them. You will be amazed once you see it through different eyes and get your creativity rolling. You've seen quilts hanging at shows and said, "I would have never thought of that or what a great way to do this". But you just can't see it when you are standing in front of the quilt you have to do NOW. Bring those tops; I have so many ideas to energize your imagination.

(Option for day 4)

March 17, ~ 9-12~ Creating Spaces: Rulers, template and more, oh my. 3 hours Drawing and design class

This is a beginning to advanced class. You will be drawing and creating your own designs. One of my favorite things to do is to transform a quilt by creating new spaces within it, I'll teach you how. You can add to blocks, borders, sashings, etc. Learn to use your imagination to create spaces then discover what to do in these spaces to enhance your quilt! I'll teach you how to use tools that you may already own and learn to use whatever else you might have on hand! We will look at the possibilities using your stencils in new ways. You have permission to have FUN in this class!! This is an awesome class that is sure to get your creative juices going

SUPPLIES: Please bring your favorite rulers to work with or use what is provided. Sketchbook and pencils. You may bring a quilt top that you would like to create designs for during class.

Contact Myrna directly to register for classes.

Classes must be prepaid, no refunds can be given. Six students per class minimum.

Myrna Ficken


435-229-2703; Mobil

301-490-3787; Landline


March 14-17, 2012

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