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THIS is the one with the added black feathers!!

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Originally posted by Della

Oh my gosh, Kelly!!! What happened that you have to take half of a quilt!!!??? Wish I could help you!

Honestly a combination of "less than ideal" backing fabric (donation) and "skipping" the step to "pressing and squaring up the back" (which so far I have NEVER had to press a back - all the fold wrinkles seem to fall into place when on the frame -- not this case -- the "fold" was because there was "extra fabric" in the middle portion of the quilt -- not on the edge --from the mill that way -- extra wide -- but not quilt store quality backcing!!)

resulted in a 1/4" tuck right down the middle of the backing (oh and I had mounted it the "long way" so it would only be 4 or 5 advances-- did not notice until I was ready to advance the 2nd time!!!).

Tried only ripping part of it out, but then there was a baggy mess...could have only ripped from the pleat to the one side, but I am so frustrated with myself for not listening to the little voicie in my head

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