First Custom Quilt......

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If you have a good feel for steering your machine, the rest will come easily. Pantos are great training for hitting the mark and stitching smooth curves.

Custom only means that there are different designs in different areas. As Julie shared, stencils are a great way to start getting some confidence doing block-work. Find or make stencils you like and use them. Stitching a line with a laser as a guide and stitching a line you have marked on the top are very similar and I bet you will enjoy the closer connection to the quilt you will get when stitching from the front. Develop a few favorite filler designs (like loops, stipples, leaves, feathers, etc.) and you will find stitching these favorites in many different sizes will give you a library of patterns to use over and over.

Line Dancing is a technique where continuous lines are stitched through one or many blocks to give a nice even look to samplers. Look up Diana Phillips to find samples of Line Dancing and maybe do an archive search here for photos. Good luck--you will joyfully be stitching custom work in a very short time!

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