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ULT 1 Question

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Does anyone have an issue where the machine starts vibrating at speeds of 4 and 5 and as you turn up the speed the vibrating subsides somewhat? Any help or suggestions? It feels like it is out of balance or something.

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My older ULT II did that in the higher was mainly caused by the table not being 100% balanced. Once that was addressed it wasn't as noticeable, I did have it if I jerked the head and tried to out run the machine. Once we bonded we danced very well and had a 13 year relationship before I traded up to my currant Millie.

My floor was so wavy it was impossible to get perfect so I had to put carpet scraps under several legs and cardboard under others to get it. So it was never totally fixed but we had a good run.

Bonnie Botts

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"Absolute rules are about as useless in making quilts as they are in raising children" Carter Houck---1992

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What you are experiencing is common in all longarm machines. The length of the nose amplifies what's called "harmonic vibration" and when the motor is at a certain speed, everything gets hopping! (Have you ever sewn with your sewing machine on a table at a workshop, and then had things start bouncing like crazy when you get up to a certain speed? Well, the size of a longarm magnifies that effect. You can move the motor speed slightly up or down past that harmonic point.

If it happens to be right at the speed at which you like to quilt, it may be possible to slightly change the circuit board to regulate the motor power (but I'd have to check regarding Ultimate I--I am not positive that its circuitry is built for that.) I simply turned the speed dial up past that point on my Ultimate I and had no problems. Let us know!


APQS Customer Service & Education Director


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