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I've done one fairly large quilt and one baby quilt with it. I was careful to place the sides that stretched the most on my leaders and it stayed put and I didn't have any problems at all. They both turned out very well. I preferred the one with the looser design than the more densely quilted one, although they were both still very nice. Go have fun with it. You'll be glad you did.

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I use two layers of fleece fairly often.. I use them for the children in the family,

that earned the Habitat for Humanity houses.    The kids love them, and they

are quick and easy to do.  I use some of the On Sale fleece throws from

Walmart.  Not their cheapy junk.. the better kind.  So far haven't had problems

with any thread and have used several different ones on top.



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Another tip is to take it outside and give it a few good shakes before loading it. Greatly reduces the lint coming off inside.

Just finished two quilts with Minkie and both quilted up nicely. Quilting shows up real nice on the Minkie back. Hid a few glow-in-the-dark angels on one just for fun.

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If the customer brings the quilt top and backing to me in a bag and starts to remove it from the bag, I say "excuse me a second".  I take the top out and then take the bag outside and remove the minkee, give it a good shaking and run my hand along the cut edge.  If the bag is a reusable bag I turn it inside out and shake it also to remove the fuzz.  It really saves on the fuzz getting on my floor and table.

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