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Upper Midwest Machine Quilters Meeting & Workshop


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I'm copying and pasting this Upper Midwest Machine Quilters Meeting and workshop notice, for anyone interested. The regular guild meeting is from 11am to 1pm and includes a short business meeting, show & tell, 20 minute program, as described below, and a potluck.




Tips, Tricks and Tools of the Trade - March 10th, 2012

Carole and Bonnie will have a 20 min or so demo during our meeting about batting: Why make batting samples, Should I carry batting? Splicing batting, pricing batting, different batting where and why? Sharing costs and ordering batting.

CLASS: this will be held after the meeting 1:30 – 3:30 or so

Tips, Tricks and Tools of the Trade by Bonnie Bosma and Carole Wilder

What do a microwave bacon rack and a bathtub caddy have in common with machine quilting? Come to our class and find out. We will have lots of fun exploring unusual uses for everyday objects. We will give you organizing ideas, business ideas and how to save money using common gadgets in innovative ways. Hand outs, door prizes and lots of fun to boot. Even the most experienced machine quilter will come away with new ideas. We are always adding new ideas to share.

Bonnie and Carole have been longarm quilting for over a combined 29 years and have taught at MQS for 8 years they have more than one person could possible learn by themselves about tips and tricks and all kind of gadgets you can use around the sewing room. They have ideas for the NEW and EXPERIENCED quilter. After teaching at MQS for 8 years you learn a lot from other exciting quilting people. Just to add a few items that they will cover:

1. ideas of how to make your business run smoother ( we can all learn a tip or trick on that subject

2. keeping your customer satisfaction and new client satisfaction

3. keeping your quilting STUFF organized ( for a more professional and smooth running business)

4. cleaning your machine

5. thinking outside the box

6. helping each other

7. sharing your items with other quilters

8. promoting your business

9. one comment they always here after their class from the students is EVERYONE SHOULD TAKE THIS CLASS

They could go on and on with tips and tricks, so think about your time and how you can make it more productive, take their class and walk away a little more inspired. Learn one tip a day and it will make your job that much easier.

Please tell all your friends and anyone that may be interested in learning something new and inspiring.


If you would like to sign up for this class, please contact Teddy Wuertz (Program Chairperson) at twuertz@q.com to register for this class. The class fee will be $35.00. Please make out a check to UMMQ and mail to: Teddy Wuertz, 17830 N. Diamond Lake, Rd., Dayton, MN 55327. We will allow people to sign up the day of class.

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