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Studio Complete - Flooring Info


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I tried to post this yesterday at the end of my last post, but for some reason, it won't open. So...let's try again:

The flooring was purchased from Rubber Flooring, Inc. This is a link to the actual tiles I purchased. (click here)

To be completely honest, I chose these particular tiles because they were cheap (less than half of some of the others I liked) and because of the free shipping. I'm not sorry I did choose them though; they are great.

As far as the denting factor goes...I bought some of those "as seen on tv" things that you put on the bottom of furniture to make it easy to move. We had the longarm in place and then I moved it; it was easy to push with those things on (which I've just left on) and the dents did come out. It took a few days, but the stuff seems to forgive like most people I know...slowly:P

Here's a photo of the studio and on my blog there are more. I also stole Linda Rech's idea of hanging a quilt from the ceiling. We put in a curtain rod with tabs which works perfectly...if I stand on a chair to hang the quilt!

(Click here) to see more pictures.


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The flooring looks great! I love your studio. I am designing a new studio and am pondering flooring. I will check this out. I have carpet in my existing studio and definately don't want that. I am always dropping pins, they aren't easy to find on multi-colored carpeting. Thanks for posting.

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