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Playing With Bubbles (Quilt Pictures Added)


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This is the first quilt I did using the new Bubbles long board.

This template is so easy to stitch. You do need to pay a little bit of attention when crossing from one circle to the other. Just hug the curve you're on and, at the crossover, switch over and hug the curve on the next. Once you get in the "groove" of it, the stitching goes rather fast because there are no points to slow down for, all curves.

I think I will get a lot of use from this template. I also look forward to using it in some blocks and borders.

I just had another idea for this template. What if you stitched every other row of these circles. And then used your channel locks to stitch straight horizontal lines between the stitched circles, might that look nice?



I also did 3 flannel table runners with the Bubble template. The runners were only a couple inches wider than the full template, so I just echoed the top and bottom by advancing the quilt a bit, rather than doing partial circles.


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oh wow - this is a very interesting thread for me - and seeing all the pics is really great. I have been debating about getting the Bubbles board, swinging first one way then the other. The hesitation is mostly because I have only just ordered the cosmos, water and butterflies so $$ are stretched a bit thin ........ especially as I am heading to a Craft show in London on Friday and I KNOW I will get tempted by so many other scrummy things .......... Hmmmm. Lets see if I can crank up a few more customer orders - this board is definitely on my Wish List now! :)

- Ani

Devon England

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