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I am quilting a quilt for a customer and as I am getting down to the bottom of the quilt I am running out of batting. I do have a twin piece of batting (of the same product) that I can use, but how do I piece it together. Do I have to sew it together of can I just put it in the right spot and quilt it. Help?

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If it's close to the edge, I would use a big stitch to keep it together--just so it doesn't pull apart before stitching. Another thing you can do to keep it in place it to use spray baste under both edges. Spray the backer, don't breathe it in, and keep it away from leaders, rollers, etc. Butt the two pieces carefully together and quilt away. It will wash out.

The tape Bonnie mentioned is a great product as well.

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I've had the same thing happen to me and I just sliced off strips of fusible interfacing I use on t-shirt quilts. I made a video a while back showing how I do it. (Yes, it has happened a couple of times since I made the video)

Oh, and I use lightweight fusible interfacing so it won't effect the drape of the quilt. In fact, the quilt I'm working on in the video won a blue ribbon in the KY state fair last year. You couldn't tell the battting had been seamed at all!

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