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My New Web site!

RoseCity Quilter

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I have had a little time off lately, after the last stage of my Breast reconstruction (glad that's over). One of the things I have done in that time is get a new web site going! Actually it was my Daughter Kathleen's doing. She is in England for a year so everything was done by skype and e-mail, but she got it going for me and taught me how to add/edit. There is still more we want to do, but I am thrilled with it. There is a blog section in it, Kathleen wants me to do this, so I guess I now have to become a writer, my least fav. thing to do. Acutally once I got going it was not too bad. So check it our let me know what you think, and stay tuned if you want, I plan on putting lots of tips in my blog part....


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