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Avatar Prolems - Fixed Yeah!

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Yeah! It worked. Thanks Oma.

I will have to try a signature next.

I have been lurking for several years with a post once in a great while. I have a Milli that is 2 now. I quilt for a hobby and not for a business. I have learned a lot by reading posts on this forum. It is wonderful how supportive and helpful everyone is.

This is a picture of my husband Art and I sitting on a cannon in one of the tunnels in Gibraltar on a vacation 3 years ago.

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This is cool. Love seeing you both. I struggled with it too at first then I just decided to figure it out and write out instructions so everyone could do it. It turns out that it's usually something very simple preventing it from working. I wanted instructions that would work for everybody and these seem to do just that. I did instructions for the avatar, the signature and posting pics. When posting pics the only way I have found to get several pics in one post is to upload them to a third server like WebShots or Flickr, etc. then you can click on several pics and post them together. I don't keep my pics on an outside source...I keep them in a folder on my computer so I have to post one at a time which works ok for me. If it gets to bothering me I'll figure out a way to do it.

Like I said...love seeing the avatars...look forward to the pics. :)

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