wanted to buy for personal use only

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Forum shopping for my first machine,I already ruled out the smallest beginner ones ,tried one and it was a tease and not enough quilting space for me to be creative . I love free motion .I live in NE,PA .I have no intentions on making money ,its strickly just a passion .This is my first post ,wow ,what a wonderful group .

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I think you will find that there are a lot of people on this forum that have purchased machines solely for their own use. While I may quilt a baby quilt for a friend that needs something quickly I do NOT quilt for others. My husband has his toys and this is mine and I have never regretted buying the best machine to quilt my quilts.


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I also purchased a used machine for personal use. Can you say that APQS is the best!!! I have struggled as I've learned to use the machine. Dawn, Tony and Lorraine have been super-fantastic. Did I mention that I didn't buy this machine from them but privately? THEY ARE WONDERFUL!!! I am amazed at the excellent level of service that they provide to support their machine. A housecall when Tony was in Lancaster for the quilt show. WOW!!!

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