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When using the baptist fan board, which direction does the board go on the back of the table? Top of the arcs facing towards the front of the table or towards the back? Which way to load the quilt? Top of the quilt towards the back of the table or towards the front? Maybe I'm making this harder than necessary! Thanks for any help.


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I don't think it matters which way you have the boards. I personally like to put a label on my quilts before I quilt them, so I like to load the quilt from the bottom up, to make sure that I get the label on the quilt. If that's the case, I like to have the arcs going towards the top of the quilt. If I'm quilting a customer quilt without a label, I usually have the arcs facing the back of the table.

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Part of the instructions with the BF template are below

"Lay all pieces of template on back bed of machine as shown in picture below.

Place male inserts over female slots and push gently, but firmly together.

All pieces are interchangeable. You will be quilting from the bottom to top."

"Use hole just below pattern to align next row. Put stylus in hole and advance fabric

until needle is over last row stitched. Because the fabric moves when

you quilt it, you will have to check the distance between the rows, even though

it is fixed on the template. Fudge your fabric back and forth for maximum fitting.

It is different for each machine. This is the same for Pantos."

So, when you lay the template down, the registry hole will be

close to you and the pattern will be right side up. You will start

the first row at the bottom of your quilt. If the quilt had writing on it you would be able to read it right side up from the back.

Just write if you need more help.

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