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posting avatar from flickr

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Well, this is frustrating. :( When I logged on today, the picture is not showing. The address is still saved in the correct place on the control panel. I'll have to try again in a few days. I've got some deadlines and don't have the time to keep messing with it now. Kay, when I get it figured out for sure, I'll definitely let you know.:)

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Kay, something is going on with our computers. On my computer in my studio, my avatar doesn't show up. On my husband's computer it does.

How I got it to work with flickr:

1. Save your avatar photo in the small size and upload it to flickr

2. right click on your photo as it is in the photostream. You should get a listing of several items. Click view image

3. your photo should show up by itself on a black background.

4. copy the url at the top of the page...the exact flickr address of the picture

5. paste the url onto the appropriate line of your control panel.

I'm glad my quilting machine is much easier to operate than my computer!:)

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