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Thanks everybody! You all are so funny. Yes they absolutely are made of sugar. My neighbor can attest to it. Her kids wanted to eat them so I gave them a petal. LOL They said it tasted like sugar!

Madelyn - they sure would not travel through the mail! I can't imagine that UPS would be gentle enough. I'm worried enough about getting them to NC. I'm sure the box will be packed in a wooded crate and nobody will be allowed to go near them. We want to see pictures of that dress. It sounds beautiful! I just love that I can be a part of my daughters wedding.

Joyce - plenty I'm not good at! LOL just ask my mom.

Sue - absolutely no new career! I have too many of them now :D

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When I first glanced at this thread I thought, oh this must be the rose that the quilt or quilting design is taken from that Heidi is working on. It's very pretty and must smell delicious. So I started reading and then what......:o? It's made out of Gum paste?? I couldn't believe it, and then had to go back and have a seriously good look at the rose again. Still looks real to me. Heidi this rose is amazing!!!! Your talent knows no boundaries. I can't wait to see the finished wedding cake in October.:)

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Heidi, when you get ready to travel with those roses you may want to put a 1/4 to 1/2 inch layer of green foam in the bottom of a plastic tub and then put the roses right on the foam (in a sandwich bag for cleanliness?). When I would deliver wedding cakes I would use the foam in the bottom of under the bed boxes or other totes and set the cake on it's separator plate right on the foam. The cakes never shifted and traveled well. I could stack the boxes/totes on top of each other too. It also made it very easy to carry them in an out of the building and water/rain didn't bother them.

I'll post a couple pictures of the dress in a day or two. But you all have to guard the secret look!

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Originally posted by Susanne.Hughes

Wow. Heidi, what can one say???? You are one talented lady!!

You are also very good at wedding cakes, if memory serves me right, aren't you?

Your daughter will love them!

Susanne I don't know that I would say I'm "very good" at wedding cakes but I have made several. I made my son's wedding cake which almost turned into a disaster not because of me but because the catering people had me put it in a cooler that wasn't supposed to get real cold, no lower than 60. Well they decided the day of the event they need it colder and turned it way down to about 40. Not good for fondant. I should have listened to my gut and not brought it there until the day of the event. It all turned out ok but what stress. Hopefully that will never happen again. I will not entrust the cake to anybody until right before the wedding!

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