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I primarily panto....that is where I'm comfortable. I wish I could freehand....but never really like the look of it.

That being said, I have offered to quilt small nicu quilts for a local group. This group primarily appliques these little quilts. Very cute.....but very very stiff and heavy applique. No way will I panto thru the design.

I'm trying to SID around the applique and I'm having trouble keeping control of where I am going. Is there a tool out there that could help me maintain control of where I stitch? I know I'm being anal....but I don't want there to be any bobbles.....

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I have DeLoa's appliguide. That works nice. Also any small template that fits in your palm (e.g. Dainty Ditcher) works well, or a small circle template that fits in your hand helps.

You just need something to guide your hopping foot around... something for your hopping foot to lean against so you can guide around the applique

There are some good videos on youtube that show the technique.

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I combine Heidi and Vicki's technique. I like to use my hand. I put pressure on the sandwich using my left hand and quilt with my right and at time with my micro drive. It allows me to control the movement of the machine a little. Find a speed that works for you. I do it in manual most of the time I also use Floraini Thread or Bottom Line to match background.

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