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I had been having inconsistencies with my tension when using Superbobs, so today I bit the "bullet" and took the tension check spring out of my bobbin case. Did the drop test.... tested in the Towa... and stitched away.

No problems, no pulls on the corners, in and out of points. yippee.... maybe I will start using more prewound bobbins.


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Very nice Lyn - the stitching looooks great and I can't see any tension issues at all. I used to have tension problems until I switced to Glide magna bobbins. That seems to be the trick for me and now I only use them and never wind my own anymore. Best move I've made in the tension issues.:cool::cool:

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The pattern is one of my own. Start with a hook and echo it someway, either back on the inside or over to the outside..... then add petals to it, then echo. This one I used molar feathers and a loose echo outline.

I've used pointy petals, ferns fronds, fat feathers, daisy petals. I have even made it into horsehoes on a couple of quilts.

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I use prewounds exclusively; they might be a little more expensive than winding one's own, but my time is worth something too. I've never had any tension problems that weren't easily tweaked away when using prewounds. (Am I tempting the gods by putting this in writing?) I'm anxious to try the magnetic bobbins, since everyone finds them so good.


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