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My turn for prayer request...UPDATE

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We need to take care of the tennis elbow to see if the tumor is causing any of the pain or weakness in the arm. If it not the cause then we just watch it and leave it alone. Only treat it if causing any symptoms in which case it sounds like a rod put down the center of the bone to make sure it stays stable and strong. We will just take everything one step at a time as per doctors orders. The tennis elbow has been trouble for 14 months so it is time to get it resolved. The chiropractor and massage therapist have worked on it since day one...even been bad enough that the chiropractor gave me a brace! Very little relief with brace after a couple of months so thought it time to see the medical doctors. The custom quilting such as micro stippling really causes pain but we overlook it or deal with it when we are doing something we love...

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