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Whining Time - No Showcases This Year!

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Just talked to my doctor and I have to have ANOTHER surgery on May 2! This definitely puts a cabash on my plans to attend at least one quilting/longarm showcase this summer. After almost two years of surgeries between myself and my DH, I thought this would be the summer I could get back into the swing again. I miss seeing all my buddies that I meet at the shows and ordering things from vendors just isn't the same as seeing and touching them! Maybe if I heal fast I can at least make it to Houston. I am thankful that I did have a colonoscopy that caught something and have a chance to be cancer-free. Thanks for letting me whine!

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((((Barb))))whine away, thats one of the great things about this forum, you can have a whine and everyone understands.

Glad that they caught that something. Will keep you in my prayers and thoughts for a successful operation and a quick and full recovery, so you can get back to doing what you love.

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