George Owner, Lois, had an incredible quilt at MQX

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Just Beautiful - what control she has!!

Jane and Dave (Grasshopper) Brown APQS Dealer,Quilt Design,Piecing,Long Arm Quilting Custom Racks, Wall Hangers, L.A. Clips, Millie and Lenni front Laser Brackets, Sundries. www.countryquiltsncrafts.com Randolph, Wisconsin

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Amazing work Lois!! YOU GO GIRL!! I too have been amazed at the beautiful blooms on those ugly, prickley Cacti. It shows just how God can make something beautiful out of ANYTHING! Congratulations on your win.


Life is much too important to be taken seriously

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Originally posted by hmerrill

It was beautiful. It was great that the triplets won. Too bad they didn't all tie :D. Did they all pick machines or did they go for the Go!?

They all went with the Go Cutters. Well, that is, they all went for them after I assured them it wasn't a "Goat" cutter as that is what they heard the first time I said it.:)

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