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I would love from someone to do a thing on how they start and stop, tie off. I do it and sink my threads but I have seen some of your videos and you make it look a lot easier.

Sue O

The Crafty Fox

A scrappy girl in the material world

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How do you handle thicker, puffy batthing (avoid tucks)?

One side of every quilt always ends up about 1/4 to 1/2" longer on the same side of the quilt frame. Why? (Does that question make sense? On the right side of my frame the quilt is always a little longer and I think I remember seeing it addressed on this forum not too long ago.)

Pat C

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If you put the laser light on the top post what do you shine it on and how do you have that design attached to the machine so you can follow it?

How do you advance your quilt when using a pantograph?

Can the leaders be straightened if they get stretched or is it better to buy new ones?

What size air compressor should you buy if you don't want to buy canned air in the hardware store?


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I loved your explanation on doing applique quilting with the longarm. You also showed placemats and baby quilts. So do you have a topic for other uses of a longarm?

Why would I want to use shiny thread on a quilt?

When is a good time to offer discounts on your quilting? for holidays, after 5 quilts, when you've made a mistake, if the customer is unhappy???

Does it make a difference if I use sheets to practice on? Would putting another piece on top of the finished practice piece be a good way of saving fabric or would it just break your thread?

Are there any good moves to practice with your machine on, but not using any thread, that will help your overall quilting ability?

What do you do when you don't have an awesome support group and can't find an answer to a problem?

I'd use Sylvia's two questions as an opener because they're really funny. I'm sure we could come up with some more if you really need them.

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Following Sylvia's lead ;)--

How much wine is too much wine when you are doing a panto?

How often should a careless quilter get a tetanus shot due to sewing through an appendage?

In that vein *snicker* what is the best product for removing blood stains?

Where should I hide the half of my thread stash that my DH doesn't know about?

Is chocolate really the answer to everything? (Yes, yes it is. I answered that one for you. You're welcome.)

How do I keep track of which customer I used which excuse on? You know, "Irma, I'm sorry your quilt will be a few days late. My (pick one--MIL, boss, DH, neighbor, ex-husband) (pick one--fell down, has cholera, needs a ride to the airport, won the lottery) and I must help them (pick one-- recuperate, spend the money, with the dishes) so I'm afraid your quilt will not be ready until next week. I hope that's OK?" Would a chart work or should I use a computer program?

All in fun, everyone!:P;):P

Linda Rech

Finely Finished Quilts

Millennium on Bliss rails--hand-guided


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When I wind my own bobbins I sometimes get thread breaks and find about a yard of loose thread on my bobbin. What causes that and how can I correct for it? I believe it's a backlash issue. Should I adjust my backlash spring, or change the tension on my turbo winder?

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Can I use the plastic sided bobbins I use in my embroidery machine? (Works like a charm on my Millie, don't know if anyone else has tried this.)

How tight should the quilt back and top be rolled? How tight is too tight?

What do I do if I( or customer) don't like what I've quilted?

Can I quilt a pantograph from the front of the machine?

How high should my machine be?

Can I sit while quilting?

I'm a newbie, what else do I need besides the machine?

Can I set up my new machine myself? Is there someone who can do it for me?

What kind of pins do you use to load your quilt, and where do you get them?

How do you keep your pins corraled? (Magnetic mechanic's bowl)

I bought my machine used and didn't get an owner's manual. Where/how can I get one?

When, where, and who do I call if I have a problem? And it's the weekend?

Where can I find friendly, helpful people to answer my questions? HERE!

I too, want a copy of The Book!


2008 Millennium

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How can you tell if your bobbin thread is ready to run out?

What is a partial float?

How can you tell if your machine needs to be retimed?

What are the different ways you can attach the quilt back and top to the leaders?

Does tension need to be readjusted after changing thread (same brand, different color)?

How can you test the tension when a quilt is loaded on the frame?

What is frogging and what's the easiest way to do it when the quilt is on the frame?

What's the best way to build muscle memory?

I want the book too!

85933DD4C23858F307C765653E2B753E.png2010 Lenni ~ Life is a journey...enjoy the ride!

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Okay these might sound dumb, but i found helpful.

What does good tension actually look like? I found what I thought was good looking tension actually wasn't.

What side of the batting goes up?

What do you mark a quilt with, when and why and how do I remove the marks?

Stencils, how do you use them?

Ruler base and why do i need it?

Rulers, do I have to be a contortionist to use them? Why do they squeek?

How to audition and pick thread color? My biggest problem with my customers is they set a cone of thread on the quilt and say that looks good, not necessiarily.

And yes, How do I remove that blood spot after I have stuck myself with a pin?

What is blocking?

How to quilt DD blocks and wavy borders?

These are all questions I have either asked or been asked or have had to show customers.


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I can use rulers on the sides of the hopping foot but I can't seam to be able to use them in the front or in the back. Is there a reason for this?

I want a copy of the book too.

Wish I could take the class.

Good Luck Dawn


Any day that I get to quilt is a great day.

Freedom SR 2011

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How ironic is it that Dawn's current post got spammed???? REPORTED

I've read so many questions that I may have repeated these:

What causes machine vibrations?

Why is my quilt bouncing?

What's that awful noise when I'm using rulers? (pushing the hopping foot too hard against the ruler)

Why am I getting tucks on the backing when I use rulers?

Will just any ruler work? (i.e. thickness of the rulers)

Cindy Thompson

(My perfect quilting combo...Milli and Quiltazoid)

Chrome Top Quilts

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What are your favorite "budget" tools? (things that are not specifically for the long arm, but work just as well as the stuff that is)

How do I make smooth curves? (I always seem to jerk at the end)

Can I take the beginners class again? For a newbie it is overwhelming, I know you answered a lot of these questions in the first class, but I had no experience with what you were talking about then. Maybe there needs to be a part 3 and 4 for the classes.


Quilting in the tractor shop with Lenni and her QZ friend

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1. When quilt is batik top and back, what should I know before I choose thread and needle for the job?

2. Will a larger needle than recommended help eliminate some of the needle flex -- which can cause railroad tracks?

3. How do you keep quilt square (even) as you quilt and roll when the quilting is eating up the fabric as you go?

4. When should I routinely get my machine serviced -- sent in for spa treatment? Is there a recommended time between servicing?

5. How do I keep my canvas leaders in good shape. How do I know they need fixing or replacing?

6. How do I replace my canvas leaders?

7. Should I use Zippers on my leaders?

8. What size table should I get -- 12' for 14'?

9. What's the difference between Bliss WHEELS and the Bliss Rail System?

10. What is Glide?

11. How do I make accurate circles?

12. What do I need, other than a machine, to get started?

13. Should I use a different bobbin case for each type of bobbin thread?

14. Where should I order my supplies?

15. How do I find the free APQS quilting videos on YouTube?

16. How do I deal with fluffy batting?

Georgene Huggett
APQS Sales, Service, Education
Poquoson, Virginia
APQS Millennium with Quilt Path

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Dawn, have you seen what you started here???? I am hoping to TA this class at MQS - can hardly wait to see what all the right answers are! Much less those thousands of questions....;)

Barbara Mayfield
APQS Sales Representative & Educator
AND Quilt Path owner!!!

"Use what talents you possess; the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except those that sang best." ~Henry van Dyke

APQS Northwest

1315 NW Mall Street, Suite 4

Issaquah, WA  98027


(425) 243-3502



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