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What do your all use to show your photo albums off

eg webshots, flickr, other?

Which are the best and easiest to use?

I like flickr but I can's see all my photos

Any suggestions

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Hi Joy,

I got your U2U, and replied.

I see you are using Flicker and Webshots right now---Give Picasa a try with just a few uploaded pictures. My feeling about image hosting sites is if they offer X amount of image space free, give it a whirl, and if it doesn't work out, or isn't user friendly, move on.

I've used Picasa for several years now. I recently paid for some additional space due to my blogger picture storage. The cost is very minimal for additional GB. I like that the images stay stable and clear on Picasa, and also the editing of text under the photos is easy to use. There is not a lot of other stuff going on around the photos either. (ads, verbiage, etc) Also, family members and visitors looking at the images find Picasa more user friendly than some other image hosting sites.

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