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New YouTube video on use of Line Pattern for 8pt Star Blocks


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New video tutorial from the team of Angela Horton Huffman of Quilted Joy & Jessica Schick of Digi-Tech Designs. I'm so excited that Angela has agreed to work with us on producing some video tutorials for the use of some of our patterns & techniques. She does a great job & makes it so clear on how easy it will be to fill those 8pt star blocks using our patterns.

Here's the link to the video:

I design "breathing room" into all the patterns so that even if you max out the pattern in size for the area that you are marking that if the others are even remotely close you will be fine. Notice how the endpoints are out a little from the rest of the pattern elements, this means that the pattern has some room for the piecing to be less than perfect. Of course if you have a super wonky block - visibly wonky then you might want to do another arrowhead type marking to make sure, but all of the patterns that I design for this have enough breathing room so that even if the piecing is a little off, but not visibly off then they work. Angela is working on some videos for using some of the patterns for other hard to fit blocks. The patterns are labeled for whichever blocks they coordinate with, but many of them will work for hard to fit borders, etc also.



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Oh, my! I'm getting that too at about the 4:30 mark. I checked the source file and it is fine. YouTube must have had a hiccup when I uploaded the file. I'll upload it again to correct the problem. Thank so much for bringing this to our attention!

I think I got it corrected. Try here:

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