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My homeowners is through USAA. My business Insurance is through State Farm. It covers my equipment only. I don't keep or store a backlog of customer quilts at my home. They are in and out the door quick turnaround within 4 weeks. I try not to have customers meet in my studio because liability insurance is very expensive. My premium is $30 per month - covers my equipment and tools only

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I have separate policy from my homeowners State Farm policy for my in home Oregon LA business.

For $430 a year It covers Equipment, tools, fabric and thread, plus It covers customer liability on my property, covers customer liability and inventory should I have a booth somewhere, covers if I transport customer quilts. Covers my liability if I give a class in my home or somewhere else. It will cover customer quilts if they become damaged or stolen but...with limits as with any policy that coverage is only for the amount of actual $ invested in fabric and thread not for time or worth of the finished quilt period ..unless the customer has a certified appraisal that was done prior to the loss occuring.

When a customer brings me a heirloom, extra special top or an antique quilt top to quilt I will mention to them the limit of my liability plus make them sign that they are aware of this limit, otherwise for just ordinary quilts I don't say anything, Although I do have a sign posted in my studio that states my limited liabilty insurance policy for customers quilts. My lawyer and Insurance suggested that I post the sign.


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I have mine through Nationwide and pay $78.22 per month. It covers customer quilts while I transport them in my car and while they are in my studio. It covers my equipment. It does not cover customers that would come to my house and slip and fall (so I don't have anyone come here).

I had a really hard time trying to get business insurance, and this was the only thing I could find at the time, 2 years ago. I feel that I am over paying, so reading these posts, maybe it is time to shop around for something else. However, I do live in the City of Philadelphia, so that could be a huge factor in my price.

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My other job is an insurance agent.

Prices will vary state to state due to liability laws. But generally, yes you need separate insurance. It should have three parts - one for your business personal property (machine and supplies), one for property of others (the quilts) and one for liability (slip & fall).

What insurance does not cover is mechanical breakdown for the machine or if you do damage to the quilt top while quilting it. It would cover theft, fire, vandalism, smoke---- . Just like your home coverage would not cover your refrigerator if it broke down.

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