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Those new handles

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Jackie - if you like your current handles and are well used to using them, let me give you a word of caution. I have a Liberty. It has upright handles, similar to those on the Lenni, but they have all the buttons (almost) like the Millie. I am so used to quilting with them that, when I teach at shows and need to use a Millennium or Freedom, I have a really hard time quilting. Just the different orientation of the handles really takes some getting used to. I have to admit that what I do is flip them all the way up and then just drive with the very bottom curve of the handles. If, however, you find that your handles are not comfortable or are in your line of vision, it would be worth a shot to get them. Once you got used to them, you might really enjoy them. For me, the temporary change is so confusing! :)

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