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Well quilters, it looks like it's a slow day on the chat--I think a lot of people are on their way to MQS!

Here's something to look at-- a "Ten Minute" block quilt made with blacks and tropical fabric. She asked for spirals in the spaces and "something" in the diamonds.

Den made me a spiral stencil, I marked it and Bliss allowed me to stitch it. No board or computer. It worked fine--though I can see every bobble!

The diamonds have hibiscus, ferns, tropical leaves, etc. Her backer was a pale lilac colored solid and I used thread a shade darker. She loved the back!

Specs--Rainbows variegated in blues and green on top, So Fine lilac in the bobbin, horrendous Fairfield 80/20 was the supplied batting. While the batting has 20% poly, it has no scrim and a gentle tug pulled holes in it. Plus the fuzz factor was horrible. I used 10 lint-roller sheets grooming the front for presentation and I warned her that after she folded it up to take home she would be again faced with a linty top-side. It should be OK after it's bound and washed.

Thanks for looking!


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Thanks for the nice comments! To answer questions-- Libby, the loose edges of the diamonds were stitched by the customer.

And yes, Patty Jo, Denny will make these stencils (which are rigid plastic, not regular stencil plastic) to sell to his favorite quilters!!;)

At Moxies in July I will bring some so you can check them out. :cool:

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