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Jess that is just plain gorgeous. I do have one question. How did you get the white areas if you had colored fabric below it? Does it look white because it wasn't stitched down?

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Rita, the white areas that you see are simply the areas where there is batting on top of the brightly colored fabric. The areas that look light pink are the areas where the batting was cut away. The first step in the shadow trapunto process is when you attach your trapunto batting to the frame as though it were a backing and then stitch the top to it. Then you cut away the batting so it only remains under certain parts of your design. After that, you put it back on the frame with a layer of colored fabric, batting and backing. Sew it all over the place, then.....blamo.....shadow trapunto.


Jessica Noonan

Butterfly Quilting Studio

APQS Freedom SR

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Oh Jess this is such beautiful eye candy. I am truly in awe of your talent. It is going to look so pretty with its ribbons hanging on it.



Shepherd's Garden Quilting

APQS Sales Representative

APQS Millenium

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