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The stuff is everywhere and I hate to throw it out... I know someone has already discovered this, but right now I am thinking I am pretty clever so I am sharing!:P

I've been taking all of my 12" wide batt (you know those end and odd pieces) and slicing them into rectangles to fit on my floor swiffer... works great! And gets rid of the stash of batt...

Ok I have to go back, get the rake (yes the leaf rake) works great for threads and start my year end studio cleaning process... I'm not looking forward to it :( but I look forward to the reward.. Two weeks of organization whhoooowow!


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Now I hadn't thought of that....will have to put that one to use....who would have thought it would pick up anything. I gave a lot of it away to a senior citizens group that was making small projects and they used it all up and have called to see if I had more....

I sew the larger pieces together to use in large lap quilts, but the smaller stuff I usually just give away. Will have to try out your new idea.

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I have loaded up the senior center and local charity groups.. for the most part I piece anything wider than >18"

but those little ones (6" wide) are so useful around the house... Same with all of the T-shirt backs and pieces I don't use when making t-shirt quilts, I give them to the local garages.. I have literally bags each week.

I didn't want anyone to think I did not find good homes for as much as I can..

Happy Holidays

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Our quilting chapters in Richmond, VA make preemie quilts for the hospitals in the area. I don't remember the size...I do believe it is no larger than 18 x 22 (this is consider king size). Also, one chapter makes incubator quilts to cove the incubator to keep out the bright lights at night in the ward. The quilt goes home with the preemie and if the preemie doesn't survive the quilt goes with the parents. It is really a thoughtful way to use small pieces of batting. I give my batting scrapes to the chapters.

Check with your hospitals...they may love the donation and it is a good way to get a quild involved in charity work that takes so little time. The quilt don't have to be pieced...they can be just 2 pieces of fabric.

Cheryl Mathre

Stone Creek Quilting

Sandy Hook, VA

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