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Quilt made with the Quick Curve Ruler

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My friend Jenny designed a new quilting ruler for cutting curves that is just brilliant! I finished my first quilt using her ruler and the free pattern that comes with it. If you have never pieced curves this is the ruler to use to get over those fears. I may sound like a commercial here but I am so impressed (and proud of my friend) with it I just have to share. There are two things about the ruler that make it wonderful. First is that after you piece the curve you then use the ruler to trim down the block so your blocks are always accurate. The second thing is the design possibilities with this ruler are endless.

You can check out Jenny's website and see all the patterns she has created too.

So is not only a talented designer she is an amazing longarm quilter too!! She has two blogs where she shares her work.

Here is a picture of the quilt I just finished, I used all batik fabrics and the panto Curlz.

Kathy Schwartz

Tamarack Shack Longarm Quilting



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Your quilt look fab - I have been seeing lots of quilts lately using this ruler, and it looks great. I love the colours which you have used.

Curlz is also a favourite of mine too.

3903CF121430B009ACE771072A3FAF28.pngLenni 2009

on IQ carriage with edgerider wheels and 2012 Lucey on bliss

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That is a fun quilt! Love how you quilted it....Liked your blog on this one too,.....


Quilting from the Heart

APQS Millenium, Circle Lord equipped, hand guided and lov'n it!!!

Quilting From the Heart is on Facebook!

RoseCity Quilter is also on Facebook!!

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I went to Jenny's web site from your blog, and bought the ruler about a month ago. I used it to make her urban deco block, and loved it! I am at work, so I can't post it, but if you want to see it, I have it posted on my blog. She has so many different ways to use it, it's amazing.


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