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Need design ideas for Perfect 10 Pattern

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This is going to be my quilt. I needed do do something different than baseballs!!!:-)

I bought these 13 fat quarter at one of our quilt shows about 7 years ago. Yep, I'm a little behind. Instead of using a focus fabric as suggested I used the three Black and red fat quarters.

Than I found the red with Koi and the Black Border fabrics at Jo Ann's. Of course they didn't have enough of the Koi so I used what I had left from the black and white and the back and reds to make the coins to add in the border and put on one each side. I'm going to bind it with a red and black print with a tiny gold piping.

Now I need you help!!!!!! How should I quilt this? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!! What color of thread too????

Thanks for your HELP~~~~~~


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Originally posted by Primitive1

Are you wanting to spend alot of time doing custom on it or do you have an E2E in mind?

I have no clue right now! Just open for your wonderful ideas! I will be putting it in our show in 2014.

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That's really pretty Dell. Given the busy-ness of the fabrics, I'd probably do an allover, but if you wanted a more custom look, you could do a block design in the squares, a similar motif in their borders, and then a larger but same motif in the rectangles. Ginkgo is what sort of whispers to me, looking at the fabric. Of course, you could break that up with either some straight lines or maybe a basket-weave in some of the rectangles.

Anyway, no matter what you do, it's very pretty! I love black and white and red all over! :D

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Dell I'm glad you finally got one done for yourself. I think you could do either an e2e on that or you could do more. If you decide to go the custom route I would make the blocks with the frames stand out and do a "special" design inside the square. Then do an all over background design in the black white fabric. Probably piano keys in the outside fabric or a water meander. I'm not sure about thread color but definitely a neutral that blends and does not compete. I would probably start with a gray color, med. maybe.

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Originally posted by fabric007

This looks like a perfect pattern for my next project. I am doing 9 memory quilts out of clothing. Who is the pattern made by?

The Pattern is the Perfect 10 by Swirly Girls. Lots of shops have this pattern. Check out google and you will find lots of places to get it or order the pattern! HAVE FUN!!

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