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fusible thread and trapunto

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I am working on the machine quilting for my trapunto quilt. I tried to attach the picture of the batting sewn onto the top with the wash away thread. Hope it works. I used the Superior thread. The quilt is huge. I'm not sure I had a clue that maybe I might start with a smaller piece first. But, it's on. The bobbin thread I used was the Bottom Line. Using the wash away thread in the bobbin sounds good, but you would have to play with the tension. I bought an expensive spool of the Gutterman thread. Tried several different needles but the thread just wouldn't go through. The Superior thread needed a smaller needle, maybe a 70 or 75.

Loosen up the top tension, almost to nothing. I have to play with a practice piece until I get a good stitch. It's a balancing act. Top and bottom. I live by Diane Gaudynski's machine quilting book. It took me forever to trim the batting closely. Now that I'm to the actual machine quilting, I'm using a 100wt. Taupe Silk Thread on top and the Mettler 100% cotton on the back. The cotton bottom thread grabs the silk good. I've had no trouble with it.

I too am still on my regular machine. My DH and I are working on the basement before I can get my new APQS machine down there. Hoping for the next few months.

e-mail me if you want to work on fine details of the trapunto stitching.



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