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Elmer & Cheri - Still Praying

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Cheri & Elmer,

You and your family have both been in my thoughts an prayers everyday. Wanted to let you know you are not alone.

Has anyone heard from Cheri lately, if so, can you give us an update?


Judith Washburn

Quilt Studio     

Houston, Texas         











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Cheri has been posting on the caring bridge website. Things are going well so far. Elmer just finished his first round of chemo and is tolerating it pretty well. The only issue he is having is mouth sores and hopefully the meds they gave him for that will help quickly. They have found a local dr that will help with some of the meds and that will give them a break from all the driving. They will be checking to see if the tumors are reduced from the 2nd round of chemo (I think I'm remembering that correctly) and if it is having an affect they will continue. Cheri just had a bout with shingles but she is feeling better. Keep up the prayers!

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Still praying Cheri. Love your updates on Caringbridge. Tell Elmer he is my hero and you my dear are my heroine for the way you are both walking this path you are on.



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