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Ferret and Prometheus

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A couple of things that might interest you ladies, that aren't mentioned on the slideshow. Yes there really is a wall that obstructs one end of my frame, and it's only a 10' domestic frame too, so much smaller than the APQS one.

No I can't get around the back of the machine without climbing over it (it's full underneath.

The workshop where it was blocked and where I hung it up part done is where I teach. A shop called Patchwork Corner, about 14 miles away. She lets me use the workshop over Christmas when she is away.


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To say your work is stunning is an understatement. Such detailed and intricate work you do. Congrats on well deserved awards!

If I had to climb over my machine to get to the back of it??? Well, let's just say it wouldn't be pretty!!! :-) Luckily I have about 16" of space between the end of the frame and the wall.

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Thanks Bonnie for the link to slide show on Ferret.

Wow, what a process! Thank you too Ferret for sharing with us all. It makes it even more mind boggling knowing, the area your machine is in is somewhat restrictive and also that the entire process did not happen from your home, but involved another venue for blocking as well!!

Amazing just amazing:)

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