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How funny! I have the opposite problem. My husband is worse than I am when it comes to fabric and quilting gadgets. He loves going to the quilt shops and quilt shows. (I think he likes the ladies) LOL When we travel I don't have to worry about missing a quilt shop or show. He tracks them all. His greatest weaknesses are holiday fabric, flannel, quilt kits and books. He goes to auctions, garage sales and flea markets and is always picking up quilts, fabric, quilting books and magazines. Last weekend we were at the lakes on vacation and hit a couple flea market, he bought a Double Wedding Ring quilt and a Grandma's Flower Garden quilt top. These are all hand sewn and out of original flour sack fabrics. Beautiful! I don't want to machine quilt the GFG but I don't hand quilt, so I'm looking for someone who does. He also likes watching quilting DVDs with me to see all the new gadgets that are being used. He built a cedar room to store the fabrics and is now in the process of expanding the studio and building another cedar room to house all the totes and totes of fabric that is now filling up the spare bedroom. I love him dearly and will never be able to use all the fabric and gadgets he has bought and will buy.

Note, it was his idea to buy my Mille and is now saving for the computer. He does play on the Mille now and then but has not started pieceing yet. LOL

Thanks for sharing your story. I will have to share it with DH. It hits home with him.

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Love the story.:)

My DH and I take weekend trips on his motorcycle, that is about the only time he will stop at a quilt store. He wants the break, knows I love to look, but he says it's safe cos I can't buy to much since there isn't much space to carry it. My stash is still small, it takes up less than half the space under my longarm.

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Originally posted by NanaFuller

My husband gets upset when I get fabric in the mail. To get around this I send most to my friends house :P

When I bought my apqs, he really wanted a new car.

He always asks how many 'blankets' am I going to make and doesn't understand why my art quilts can' t be used on camping trips.

I should read this to him! Thanks for sharing!!

I wait and order most of all my fabric so it all arrives home while we are on vacation and my brother puts all the packages in my sewing room and the other mail inside our desk so hubby never sees all the packages ,then I do my occasional need backing ,gotta order it so i can finish a quilt ,so he does not see many packages like in the beginning stages ,lol ,and I took all the money we were saving to buy a new car and bought a used milli ,but I just brag that it does not loose its value as fast as a used car ,lol .

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Priceless! I hope he wins...in fact, They should open a category for husband's submissions!

I'm one of the lucky ones... my dh (Dear Husband) encourages my addiction, to the point that HE was the one that found my Millie in the classifieds.

This was NOT, however, without some 'retraining' however...

Costco, the fabric stores, Home Depot and Lowes, and the sporting goods stores are all on the other end of town, and though I do try, sometimes it's inevitable that he's going to be with me when I want to go to the fabric stores. One afternoon, at JoAnn's, and he was huffing and sighing and shuffling his feet, and generally acting like a brat while I was looking for a pattern. I was trying to hurry, but then my last nerve snapped, so I slammed the book shut, got up, got my purse and walked out of the store. He followed me out, I got in to the car, drove all the way home without saying a word. He kept asking me, are you mad?! Finally, when I unlocked the door, I said, "Hell yes, I'm mad! Ya think?!" I'm in the fabric store, which I do NOT ask you to go to very often, and you're acting like you're going on ten, being a BRAT, not letting me shop! HOW many times have we been at Cabela's, and you've found someone to talk to and you chat for an hour? What do I do? Do I sigh and shuffle my feet and whine? NO...I go find something to look at, or to do while you're there, I do NOT act like a brat! You THINK about that!"

At which point, I wanted to rip his lips off, but instead, I went to my sewing room and shut the door...rather firmly. Now, the closed hobby room door (his or mine) means, "I'm in my CAVE, do not awaken the DRAGON, lest you be consumed by fire!" (for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup! lol!)

A bit later, I heard a soft tap on the door, (we don't enter without permission) so I let him come in, and he apologized profusely for being a 'brat', explained that he got dragged to the fabric store when he was a kid and he had hated it then, and he was 'reverting' to previously learned behaviors. He had thought about it and realized, it wasn't so bad, and he really did need to give me equal time, and yes, he did drag me to every sporting goods counter in town, which usually leads to long conversations, and that he could never remember a time that I complained. AND, He said he was sorry!

To his credit, he's never been a brat about it since, he's been MORE than patient when I go to the fabric store, and, he even helps me pick colors. He's also encouraged me, to "just buy it, you'll use it for something!" (which may be a shallow ploy to get me to make a decision and hurry up! lol!)



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