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needle positioner

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Has anyone ever worn out their needle positioner button? I have had my Lenni for just about a year now. As of today, the white button does not work on the front of the machine. It works fine on the back of the machine.

I had to finish basting my quilt from the back of the machine today. I did check my manual, and since the back switch is working fine... I don't think I need to do any adjusting under the hood.

The white button just does not depress, it is really firm. I tried unscrewing it to make sure there wasn't junk in there....but it didn't help.

Any other ideas?

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I have a call into Amy....but it is Monday, and there is a back log of calls.

I haven't been able to figure out how to switch out the working button for the nonworking one.

I am such a chicken when it comes to mechanical things....and hubby says that he doesn't want to do anything that might mess up the warranty.:D

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