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Anyone "blissed" near Las Vegas?

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Good Morning,

I live is Las Vegas in the NW, 215 and Decatur.

I will be receiving my Freedom machine very soon and it is coming with Bliss. I will keep you posted and once it is up and running I would be happy let you come over and check it out.

I got this machine becase a very nice lady was kind enough to show me a machine at a shop in St. George. I just wanted to see the machine and talk to someone that knew a little about them. The next thing you know I am not only shown the machine at the shop but invited to the lady"s home to check out her machine and then she told me about a machine gently used and for sale. The rest is almost history as the machine went to APQS for a through cleaning and check up. :) The selling point for me by the way was the Bliss, the smooth movement was a big selling point.

Have a Wonderful Day


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Good Morning Vich,

We got my machine set up yesterday and I am planning on testing it out today, still had a little tweaking to do last night.

I fell in love with the Bliss when I first saw or should say touched it. The movement is sooo smooth. My machine is aprox. 4 years old and if it didn't have the Bliss I am sure I would have passed for a new machine with Bliss. Let me know when you are available and we can try to set up a meeting so you can see it in action.

Have a Wonderful Day:)


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