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Design and Thread Help on Crown Royal top(long)

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I need help in a lot of areas but my main problem right now is what to put on this. It will have to be freehand because there are way too many issues not to be able to see what I'm doing.

Sorry for the bad pics(crappy phone).

My niece does not quilt nor sew, but decided to make this for a long time friend,male, so no flowers etc. She sewed the bags(whole) on by hand keeping the cording and metal rings....everything.

I could add much more but to get to my problem; she wants purple quilting on the gold fabric. Oh, also there is embroidery

in purple on the gold blocks which are various sizes. Now I don't mind high contrast; some of the ladies have shown beautiful multi colored threads on black on this forum that I have admired, but I can't seem to come up with anything appropriate. The purple just seems too garish, no matter what I do. In this case I think blending gold on gold would be better; but I'm trying to give her what she wants. I'm thinking less is best, but what? So...... any ideas? Also no stitching over the embroidery. Some bags are open and there are different size and shape bags. H......E.....L....P..

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You do have a project here!

I would match threads, (She is your neice - and doesn't sound like she will be a regular customer), although a gold crosshatch in on the purple would look nice. You can tell her you asked on the forum and we all wanted you to match the threads around the bags.

Stipple down around the bags with a medium density, just nail it down, that way you can avoid all the tassles and hardwear.

If you don't want to do a crosshatch in the purple borders, Deloa Jones has some great border ideas that would work. Or do you like circles to look like bubbles?

Good Luck! This one is a 'get it started, get it done' quilt!

Show us some pictures when you are done! You will be amazed how much the quilting will change it.

Joanne Flamand

Artistic Quilt Design

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Yep ,a guy quilt with no flowers ,no problem ,I would do a free motion of crown royal shaped bottles with regular shaped whiskey bottles ,the crown bottle would be easy ,just draw a heart .chop off the bottom point and but a neck in the center top and do the wormy pattern down the neck slightly ,wish I knew how to do the drawings here fast to better explain ,I just made a reversable crown vest ,now I need to get pics of it sent to me to show it off ,I was in a hurry to get it in the mail ,it was the brides gift to the groom .

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Thanks ladies. Since it's my neice, no charge. If I use matching thread I think anything will work. I tried bubbles with the purple and it was just too much.

Queenie, I thought about the bottle but my drawing skills are almost nil; need a pic to follow:(

I am so sick of looking at this! I have three days to get it done as she will be passing thru town on her way home and I want her to take it with her! I've had it for two months, just starring at it and trimming out behind the bags; it would have been 4 layers without batting:o, the hopping foot could not clear them. She did not want stitching on the bags but I said I had to. Some of the bags are over 12 inches long.

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Too funny, Sylvia.:P:P:P:P They weren't his.(not sure he even drinks the stuff) She got them from various people (even strangers, friend of friend, etc.) who saved them. It seems people hate to throw them away. I decided to do a medium meander with a varigated purple thread which was more subtle. It doesn't look too bad.

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I bought a box full of Crown Royal bags on Ebay for pretty cheap. I think bartenders probably collect them and then sell them. You can find anything on Ebay. I want to make one sometime in the future. We have a friend who loves CR.

There are some really pretty Crown Royal quilts listed on Ebay. They mostly look like they were SID.

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