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The main difference is in the tablet. It is not a Tablet Kiosk unit. It is a lesser priced tablet, smaller in size and slightly slower than that of the Classic IQ. The motors that run the system are refurbished original motors.

The software is the same as you get with the Classic system and you have the option of panto only, or full system.

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Here is the technical. Hope this helps.

The BasiQ has a smaller, slower tablet. The pantograph-only functionality is the same as the ClassiQ panto-only, but because of the slower tablet, the full-featured BasiQ does not have the following features: Contour, Echo, Path Pattern, Fan Pattern. Only the Distort is available of the newest editing functions. There are some other minor differences in appearance to compensate for the slower speed.

The motors are the ones that were returned in exchange for SuperMotors. They worked perfectly, but their owners wanted the stronger, more accurate SuperMotors. We keep only the basic components (drive motor, sensor, lift

mechanism) but update the lift motor and replace the lifting gear with the same belt drive as the SM. We use the more accurate plastic sensor wheels that provide accuracy close to the SuperMotors (1/4" error over 100 yards, instead of 1/8" for the SM).

The other difference is that the SM drive motor is about 20% more powerful, which affects only the larger, heavier machines, like the Gammill Optimum; they can be run faster with the SuperMotors.

The over $2,000 price difference was made possible by using the less expensive tablet and the remanufactured motors.

In the possible case when there are fewer returned motors than BasiQ orders, they will ship the BasiQ with SM-V3, for $500 more.

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