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Hi all, I am looking for an experienced longarm quilter who is out of my area (Northern Minnesota and Southeast Iowa) who is willing to chat with me about the pros and cons of setting rates. I'm not looking to compare rates. I do want to discuss what could happen to my customer base and my business and the risk/rewards. I just want to make sure I'm considering everything when making my decision and need some experienced advice.

Please email me if you'd be willing to chat and I'll give a call.


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Oh, I'm looking for very specific advice and would like to talk to an individual to get their perspective and experience on my specific situation.

I did search "setting rates" and "rate increases" but didn't come up with anything. Then I searched "rate" and far too many posts came up. Not the easiest thing to find. Any suggestions?

I'd still like to chat with someone......

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If you want to raise your prices, for whatever reason--do it. From the tone of your two posts I get the feeling your brain and gut want to make the change but you are looking for other arguments and opinions to make sure you've thought of everything.

Well, you know your situation best and I bet you have turned this idea inside-out thinking of every way it could impact your business.

When my wait list stretched to four months I raised my prices. I'm now booked through February and every guild meeting adds another quilt or two to the list. I fit in charity quilting and if I could, I'd do some of my own stuff. I realize this isn't everyone's situation, but every time I complain to my DH about not having time to do anything but quilt, he says "Raise your prices"!!

Use the blue email button at the bottom of this post to email me if you like. I'm super busy the next four days and don't have a good time for you to call, but I'd like to help you if I can.

Linda (Ann)

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Linda Rech,

(since I am talking to two Linda's....:)

You could be telling my exact story....I did raise my rates last jan and quilts are still coming in and I am booked out to next Feb too.

Linda Lou,

Dawn Cavanaugh did a great class at MQX on pricing and she would be a wonderful resource for you to talk to.

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